calendar_helper now highlights todays date

I contributed my first ever open source patch this weekend, to Geoffrey Grosenbachs awesomely simple calendar_helper Rails plugin.

You can install this into your current rails app with:

script/plugin install

My humble patch added the ability to display the current date on the calendar like so (the magic blue square):

Something fun for me was how amazing it was to create a patch using subversion – you just type

svn diff  > patch_file_name.diff

And it creates this wonderful magic patch file that details all the changes you’ve made! I just had to send this to Geoffrey and he did some subversion magic to easily commit my changes.

I think this creating patch thing is gonna get addictive…

ALSO I note that Tom Armitage added some functionality into this patch as well to do with what markup the calendar uses. (It was also his first patch experience). Find him here: Another day, another release – updated calendar_helper

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