Display your KML on a Google Map (again) - now using Google App Engine

KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language and is used to create geographically aware information.

It can be tricky to write your own KML by hand- in order to display kml on a Google Map you need to save the markup into a file on a web server that Google has access to. Google then caches this file in it’s own mega-web, so it can take a while for any changes you make to filter through.

My little application fixes these issues by allowing you to paste the kml into a web form, hit a button, and WHAMMO, KML on a Google Map without any of the stupid stuff.

So, almost a year after creating this application with Ruby on Rails I’ve decided to port this little app to use Google App Engine – you shouldn’t notice any difference, but rest assured that it can now scale to support gabillions of visits.

Because everyone’s gonna wanna use it

To try it out by going here and copy and paste the following KML into the box and click the button.

Invercargill Rocks!Go there and see!168.34693908691406,-46.416322245553296,5

Display KML on a Google Map: http://display-kml.appspot.com/

KML Samples

KML Tutorial

KML Reference

PS: Because I rewrote the code in Python it might’ve broken a few things – let me know in the comments if it doesn’t work for you.

PPS: Find the source code at https://github.com/thechrisoshow/display_kml

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