Free dotnet profiler

So yesterday I was working on an application that was going ridiculously slow and I couldn’t figure out why. That’s when I used the open source program nprof to profile my application to see where the bottlenecks are! (Download it here )

According to the documentation, this can also be used to profile web apps too!

It’s really easy to use. Open nprof exe

Input your executable path into the Application textbox (and any command line args in the Arguments textbox) and then hit F5. This will spawn a copy of your app that you can use normally. After the application successfully closes then you get a list of what methods were called during the running of the app and what percent of application time was spent in that application e.g:

Also on the left hand side in the Runs list you can see previous times you’ve run the program in the profiler – allowing you to make comparisons to see what methods are currently slowing you down.

Pretty cool!

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