Host your own blog? Stuff that.

Yep - I've changed my blog.

It was about due for a refresher, and this time around I decided to use the amazing

And get this: I've decided not to host it myself. is just too easy not to use. You type your posts in markdown (which I've always done, and is pretty normal these days). And it has an awesome interface to enter in your posts.

Also, they've got a wealth of beautiful themes available - and as I have no design skill it feels nice to have an 'ok' looking blog again.

The only thing I have to pay for is having a custom domain - which costs me a measly $5 a month.

Paying $5 a month would've angered the old Chris.
"I could do this myself and host it all on S3 for practically nothing!" I would say.

Stuff that.

Life's too short to host your own blog. I've decided to spend my time thinking about other things. Grander things. Like... video games. Comic books. Drinking booze.

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